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Parking Lifts

Parking TowerParking Tower

The elevator type often called the Parking Tower, is designed to automatically move the vehicles on a pallet vertically on the elevator, it then transfers it horizontally left or right for storage. Very fast retrieval time is accomplished in less than two minutes. This system is suitable for medium or large scale buildings. It can also be used as a stand alone tower for a parking garage business. Since it is controlled by an integrated computer system, the overall operation can be viewed with one screen and its operation is very user friendly. We incorporate German motors and components are used in every system by world known SEW Eurodrive.

Parking CarouselParking Carousel

The perfect solution to park the maximum number of cars in the least amount of space.

Our carousel design enables you to park either 7, 8, 10, or 12 vehicles in the space of only 2. There is no need for a parking attendant, just insert the key and press your parking space number and the pallet will rotate either clockwise or counter clockwise. It will automatically sense which way to rotate by space number.

Advantages and Features
  • Minimal land use. An area of 25’x22’ can park up to 72 vehicles.
  • Low noise and vibration. Elevators never touch guide rails, use of urethane rollers minimize noise when transferring pallets from elevator to storage area.
  • Entry and exit is very quick and convenient. We incorporate a built in turntable on the elevator and retrieval time is less than two minutes.
  • Completely equipped with multiple sensors and triple safety devices. A self malfunction diagnostic control provides you with an excellent level of safety.
  • Has the capability of holding cue memory when multiple patrons come to retrieve there vehicles during rush hours.
  • Up to 12 vehicles can be accommodated within the space normally taken up by two vehicles.
  • It is not applicable by the regulations of building coverage.
  • There is no need for an attendant because of its simple one-touch operation method.
  • Senses where vehicle is closer and rotates bi-directionally for fast retrieval time.
  • Extremely safe and reliable. Impossible for vehicles to fall with endless chain and pallet drop prevention system.
Lifts In Service
Parking Tower inside view Presto Park Subterranean Parking Lift Backdoor Lift parking lift Interior view of Parking Tower Parking Carousel, 8-car unit Parking Carousels, holding 16 cars in 4 parking spaces Parking Carousel, close-up