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LS Series Plus Lift Tables

LS Series Plus Lift Tables

The LS Series is an extremely rugged and reliable machine. Models are available in many basic sizes and capacities to lift and position loads up to 12,000 lbs. at heights to 98". The wide range of power options, controls, tabletops and base configurations that can be specified for each of the many basic sizes gives the user an almost unlimited choice of variations. The LS Series is used for machine feeding, work positioning, assembly, order picking, pallet loading and a wide range of other applications in a variety of industrial settings.


Model Number Capacity (lbs.) Standard Platform (WxL in.) Max Platform (WxL in.) Raised Height (inches)  
LS8-36 8000 30x60 54x84 45  
LS10-36 10000 30x60 54x84 46  
LS12-36 12000 30x60 54x84 46  
LS3-42 3000 24x56 48x84 48-3/4  
LS5-42 5000 24x56 48x84 49  
LS8-48 8000 24x66 48x96 57  
LS2-60 2000 24x86 48x120 70  
LS4-60 4000 24x86 48x120 70  
LS5-60 5000 24x86 48x120 68  
LS6-60 6000 24x86 48x120 70  
LS8-60 8000 24x86 48x120 70  
LS2-72 2000 30x102 60x132 82  
LS4-72 4000 30x102 60x132 82  
LS6-72 6000 30x102 60x132 84  
LS2-84 2000 30x120 60x156 94  
LS4-84 4000 30x120 60x156 94  
LS6-84 6000 30x120 60x156 98