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Freight Lifts

Freight Lifts

Lightning Lift Products is an industry leader in vertical material handling, sales, service, installation and repairs. We have installed over 100 freight lifts in the last year. Each freight lift is custom built, supplied and installed to your exact specifications. All freight lifts are OSHA compliant, and our staff is thoroughly trained.

Series D freight lift

A freight lift is a lift that will move materials from one elevation to another. These vertical freight lifts are a cost effective alternative to higher priced freight elevators. Since these freight lifts are not elevators and transport material only, elevators safety codes do not apply to this line of products.

Whether it is with a simple, two level vertical freight lift or a multi-level, multi-directional freight lift system, we move materials of all shapes, sizes and weights. In addition to guaranteeing code approval, we offer the best warranty in the business. But being the best isn’t good enough, as we are continually striving to enhance and improve the safety and technology built into our equipment. As an industry leader, we offer complete vertical lifting solutions for mezzanines, balconies, through-floor, interior and exterior applications.

Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic Lifts

Our hydraulic vertical freight lift offers high quality, safety and low maintenance. Freight lifts load to 3000 pounds with carriage sizes to six feet by six feet. With a vertical rise height to fifteen feet, they are ideal for mezzanine and balcony applications. Durable, high quality construction ensures safe, reliable, long term performance. We offer fast installations, easy operation, and we train and certify your operators.

Lightning Lift Products offers 24-hour,
7-day-a-week service for all freight lifts.
Mechanical Lift

Mechanical Lifts

Our four-post freight lift offers maximum capacity and rugged four post design for the heaviest lifting applications. These freight lifts lift heavy, bulky, oversized loads up to 30,000 pounds. Our freight lifts transport multiple pallet loads, large carts, and heavy machinery between two or more levels. They offer maximum flexibility in carriage size, capacity and traffic patterns. Loading and unloading is available from all four sides. Our freight lifts are engineered to meet your exact application requirements with unlimited vertical rise and travel speeds up to 400 fpm. The carriage is lifted and lowered by heavy roller chain attached to a mechanical lifting mechanism. Heavy duty construction provides superior strength, reliability and long-term performance. Built in advanced safety features protect workers and materials. Access gates at each level are interlocked with freight lift operation. Our freight lifts meet ANSI/ASME B20.1 code.

Subterranean Car Lifts

Subterranean Car Lifts

Our Presto Park subterranean car lifts are two deck vehicle parking systems. With heavy duty scissors style lifts and four post style lifts designed to lift two vehicles simultaneously or lift one vehicle in low ceiling application. The deck structure and lifting/synchronizing components are completely concealed below ground so there is no indication that a lift (or second car) is present when lowered. The Presto Park can also be used for transporting vehicles from grade level to an upper level. Single deck platforms are also available. Presto Park is a dream for auto aficionados who like to maintain a hands-on relationship with their machines. For uncompromising property owners who need safe and affordable parking spaces this two deck drive-on lift is a smart solution for both commercial and residential applications. While most lift manufacturers offer a ten foot garage ceiling for adequate clearance, we make it possible to use a garage with a lower ceiling height. Presto Park utilizes a basement area below the garage or a pit constructed in the garage floor. You drive the car onto the lift, which is then lowered into the subterranean space, and then you drive the second car into the garage floor level parking space. If you have a high enough garage ceiling, it is possible to retrieve the lower vehicle without having to remove the upper vehicle.

Integrated Lift Systems

Systems Integration

All our freight lift models can be integrated into an automated conveyor system. Our engineers stand ready to work with any system designer to provide custom specifications or any special accommodations necessary. The mechanically raised and lowered models are often the easiest to integrate into a system because they offer the most control over their stop and start movements.

21 Series Freight Lift

Our primary business today is material handling equipment providing a wide source of material handling freight lifts such as scissor lifts, dock lifts, truck levelers, portable stacker lifts, auto transport lifts, vertical reciprocating conveyors and automated parking systems.

Our installation department has experience in providing custom lift solutions, service and installation for government agencies, major automobile manufacturers, and other industries such as aerospace, food and drug stores, pharmaceutical companies, utility companies, storage facilities, museums, paper mills, steel mills, department stores, and much more.