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DL Series Heavy-Duty Lift Tables

DL Series Heavy-Duty Lift Tables

These heavy duty lifts are ideal for cargo handling and lifting heavy industrial loads. Built in hydraulic overload relief protects personnel and structures. Heavy-plate platforms with structural reinforcements minimize deflection while the wide base provides increased rigidity and stability.


Model Number Capacity (lbs.) Standard Platform (WxL in.) Max Platform (WxL in.) Raised Height (in.)
DL20-36 20,000 60x76 96x108 52
DL10-48 10,000 47x76 84x108 61-1/4
DL15-48 15,000 60x76 96x108 62-1/4
DL25-48 25,000 60x76 96x108 64
DL10-60 10,000 60x102 96x144 76
DL12-60 12,000 60x102 96x144 76
DL16-60 16,000 60x102 96x144 76
DL20-60 20,000 60x102 96x144 82
DL25-60 25,000 72x144 108x180 86
DL20-72 20,000 72x144 108x180 94
DL4-84 4,000 60x120 96x156 96
DL6-84 6,000 60x120 96x156 100
DL10-84 10,000 60x120 96x156 100